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1. Website Design and Website Development Services (Please don't forget to check out my YouTube Video Clip down this web page. Also the Website Design Request Form for customers is also available).

i. We are trained, quailified, certified and skilled web designers and web developers using:
- HTML coding or programming
- JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) coding
- Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 web editors
- Adobe Fireworks CS6, Photoshop and Flash animations and photo editing.
- Content Management Software (CMS), such as Joomla, 1&1, Wickes. Here the template web pages are already prepared by the company. You just register with the company, pay the webhosting fee and then add your own contents to the web pages. There is some disavantage about this option, which is beyond the scope of this website. However, we can provide consultancy on this matter, on demand.

ii. Our web design/ development services include:
- designing dynamic and clients' interactive websites
- designing (standard or customised) websites "from scratch to finish"
- placing online forms, Pay Pal and online shopping utilities on web sites
- E-commerce and creating traffic to your websites (getting visitors to your websites for your services)
- social networking media through facebook, twitter and YouTube icons or buttons on websites for visitors to click on
- websites for receiving charity donations or subscriptions and online payments through secured PayPal sytems
- placing video and audio clips on web pages, if required
- uploading video and audio clips to YouTube channels for sharing
- designing and inserting logos and GIF animated banner images on web pages
- assisting to find and register domain names for our clients
- assisting to find free or low cost-effective webhost companies for our clients
- uploading websites to the Internet using FTP and managing sites
- web design and development training
- website management and training

iii. We provide web design services for
- large, medium and small businesses and charities
- group and individual projects
- dissertations/ theses projects for university and college students, etc

2. Basic Training in Web Design and Website Management

Web design training is becoming quite important. With the relevant knowledge and skills, you can design, upload and manage your own website or your company's. This can help reduce the cost of running your business. IT and Web design are expensive, partly, because of their demand.

As a web designer, you need to think creatively. You design some eye-catching content that will build compelling web pages for the site visitors. The main objective of the website is to keep the visitors engaged whilst leading them through the content of the site with ease.

i. The design stage
- HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language ) programming:
this is the fundamental language of the Internet. HTML instructs the Internet browser how and where to place the text, pictures etc on the web page that you view on the Internet. Web pages can be designed using HTML coding or other programs such as Java, JavaScript, Adobe Dreamweaver, etc.

- Logical structure of the website:
this is the plan or layout of the website- i.e. the hierarchy and number of web pages, how the website is going to look like.

- Designing the web pages
This is the actual designing or creation of the web pages and placing the content on them- i.e. the text, pictures, links, flash movies, video clips and other animations, etc that spice-up the website.

- Testing the website before uploading to the world-wide-web (www.). This is necessary, so that potential "errors", browsing or web page displaying problems etc can be rectified early.

ii. Uploading the designed website:
- Finding domain name and webhost company for your website without any obligation: this is the company that will host your webite for free or for a fee. The fee is independent of our web design cost and agreements. Shopping on the internet for affordable and reliable host is part of the training.

- Uploading the website: finding and installing the appropriate "FTP" program on your local PC to upload files (web pages and pictures...) to the server or webhost.

iii. Site Management:
- After uploading the website, it needs periodic updating (adding or deleting files- e.g. text, pictures, links etc). The very appearance of the website or web pages would need change. This latter option is web development or upgrade.

3. Website Design Conditions

i. Contract Web Design
We can enter into a specific agreement or contract with our clients to design or develop their website(s) for a given period and a fixed amount of payment.

ii. Flexible Web Design
Alternatively, the client(s) can engage us to design or develop their website(s), where we charge a fixed amount per web page. This means the more the web pages, the higher the amount payable by the client(s).

Generally, the cost of website design depends on but not restricted to the following factors:
- simplicity or complexity of the design- i.e. simple web pages or complex ones with flash animations etc. The more complex the design work, the higher the cost
- the intended audience or viewers of the website. This determines the level of professionalism and expertise expected of our service.
- the content input by the client(s). Will the client(s) produce all the required text and graphics (photos) for the web pages? If "YES", then the cost of our service will be less.

- domain name (i.e. website address- e.g. our own website www.eases.co.uk) and Web Host (the Web Server or Internet Service Provider).Web hosts are companies, which host websites for a monthly or yearly fee, based on the domain name (e.g. www.......co.uk, www.......com, www.......biz, www........org, etc). The Internet has to be searched for free domain name, which can apply to your website. These conditions have to be met before the finished website can be uploaded to the server, by the use of a specific Internet file-transfer software.
For example, will the client(s) be responsible for these services, or will the website designer also be doing this job? For more details on this matter, you may contact us for professional view.
- uploading the finished website (files or pages) to the Server (Internet). Is the web designer responsible for the upload of files?
- managing the uploaded website. Special fee per period (e.g. monthly) is normally paid for updating the website. Alternatively, training can br provided for the client(s) to be able to update their own website (this is recommended).

- the more we provide these services, the higher the cost. Please note the difference between "design and shopping", or " building a house and furnishing it". We design the site; but if we have to shop for the site to be displayed on the Internet, then that is additional service.

In any case, before we start any web design or development services:
- the client has to place-in an order or simple documentary request, which is legally binding.
- discussion about the nature, structure, content and appearance of the website(s) must be held between us and the client(s). Indication of satisfication or approval should be given by the client(s) before we start the work.

- the client(s) will have the right to "access and assess" the work in progress, so as to enhance customer satisfaction.

Finally, we can be generous, understaning and flexible in our services- especially for charititable organisations and "clients in need".

4. Order Servises or Make Enquiry

To request our services or make any queries, please contact us.

To request our web design services, please click on the Website Design Request Form.
Complete the online form and click "Submit". Someone will be in be in touch with you later regarding your request.

Thank you.

YouTube Video Clip: Testimonial for the Creative Innovation Web Development Certificate training course undertaken by Alfred Syl-Turay MCITP in Southwark London, from October to November 2012 to enhance his knowledge and skills in Internet and Web Design Technology.

As a multi-skilled professional, he also holds Diploma Level 3 in IT & Web Design with Distinction since April 2007 and became Member Certified IT Professionals (MCITP). He has designed series of websites for small businesses and charities in London. Currently, he is the Webmaster for four websites. He is also Consultant IT Assessor & IQA (Internal Quality Assurer) and Digital Marketing and Digital Media professional.

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